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Alumni Association: Honoring the Past and Planning for the Future

By Sarah Catz on Mar 19, 2014

Alumni-Association-Logo-leafEstablished in 1958 Brandman University, formally Chapman University College, boasts a wealth of alumni talent and distinction. As the community continues to expand with the addition of new graduates, it is important to recognize the notable achievements of past leaders and create new opportunities for future visionaries to come.

Honoring the Past

David Bonier ('72)
The respected American politician was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1976, only a few years after he graduated from the Chapman University System. Originally from Detroit Michigan, Bonier served as the Democratic Whip when the party was in both the majority and minority, making him the third and second highest ranking Democrat in the House. Following his political career he founded American Rights at Work, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that advocates for workers and their right to form unions without interference, and became a professor of labor statistics.

June Scobee Rodgers ('76)
The 1973 flight of the Challenger Shuttle marked the first time American lives were lost in space flight. Rodgers remembers every second leading up to the accident as she saw it through Commander Dick Scobee's window. Since those moments she has dedicated her life to writing, speaking and education. Originally from Alabama and Texas, Rodgers has gained national recognition and honors including the National Eagle Award, the Spirit of Volunteerism, and the National Award for Excellence in Leadership. She currently serves on the boards of the Challenger Center for Space Science Education, Vatican Observatory and Guideposts.

Colonel Charles "Chuck" DeBellevue ('79)
Originally founded on El Toro Marine Air Base, Brandman has a long heritage in military education. Born in New Orleans, DeBellevue served in the United States Air Force for thirty years and was the First Flying Ace recipient of the Air Force Cross. Other awards and honors include two Silver Stars, five Distinguished Flying Crosses, Veterans of Foreign Wars Armed Forces Award and the Eugene M. Zuckert Achievement Award. In October 1971 he was sent to the famed 555th Tactical Fighter Squadron, known as the Triple Nickel, and honorably served in the Vietnam War.

Lieutenant Colonel Rick Francona ('79)
With over 27 years of service in the U.S. Air Force, Francona utilizes his vast expertise as an author, commentator and media military analyst. He has extensive experience with relations in the Middle East which includes tours of duty with the Defense Intelligence Agency, Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Agency. Prior to his recent contract signing with CNN, he previously represented NBC News affiliates and Radio Canada.

Rear Admiral Jacqueline "Jackie" Barnes ('79)
Barnes served as the Interim Chief Executive Officer of the Girl Scouts of America, providing leadership opportunities to the country's youth. She was mentioned by Time Magazine in an article recognizing women serving in  the highest echelons of the U.S. Navy. She directed the Pentagon's On-Site Inspection Agency, charged with verifying arms-control pacts with other nations.

Terry Kaldhusdal ('93)
As a teacher, documentary filmmaker and writer, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel mentioned Kaldhusdal as having a "passion for learning and a talent for communicating." He was honored with multiple awards at state and national levels. In 2006 he received the Kohl Fellowship Award, in 2007 he was recognized at the White House as Wisconsin's State Teacher of the Year, and in 2011 as the state's History Teacher of the Year.

Anthony "Ted" Terrazas ('95)
In 2006 Terrazas was recognized as Hispanic Business Magazine's Businessman of the Year. He is the founder and current president of TerraHealth Inc, an organization that provides professional services to health care providers and administrators. His background also includes military experience in the U.S. Air Force as an enlisted Medic, Dental Hygienist and NCO Leadership Instructor.

Chauncey Veatch ('99)
For his beliefs in literacy and promoting students' dreams, Veatch was named 2002 National Teacher of the Year by President George W. Bush in a Rose Garden ceremony. Richard Alverez, a principal at Coachella Valley High School in Southern California where Veatch worked, described him as, "Always kind and courteous, he has a sincere concern for the children of our community and a positive attitude. Believing our students can succeed is not a desire or a facade but is actually something he lives. This caring can be seen in his eyes, heard in his voice, felt in his presence and mostly seen in his actions."

Paul Carpino ('02)
As a speaker, writer, columnist, life coach and career counselor Carpino has dedicated himself to helping others. He spent ten years in the hospitality industry, succeeding in event marketing and community relations. His first book Now, Launch Your Career, a compilation of advice letters from top names such as Donald Trump, Rex Reed, Patch Adams and Jeff Foxworthy, has received many high reviews.

Greg Magni ('05)
In 2009, the California League of High Schools (CLHS) declared Magni an Educator of the Year. A committed and enthusiastic leader, he lives out the mission statement of Central Valley High School, which he personally helped create: “dedicated to every student’s success through academic rigor, personal relevance, meaningful relationships and thoughtful reflection." He helped develop and implement school-wide instructional norms based on the direct instruction (DI) model.

Planning for the Future

The Alumni Association of Brandman University, part of the Chapman University System, is consistently looking for innovative ways to network with the more than 75,000 alumni who attended campuses throughout the United States and abroad. To that end, a survey was recently conducted to determine the benefits that alumni are looking for from their dedicated association.

The survey results indicated that more than 47 percent of respondents were interested in networking and meeting fellow alumni, especially with others that have common fields of study. Additionally, there was high interest in establishing guest lecture series, social receptions, webinars and forming regional chapters.

As a product of these findings, the Brandman University Alumni Association is going to hold its first All Class Reunion on Saturday, October 25, 2014. This evening reception will be held at the beautiful Shady Canyon Golf Club in Irvine, California. We encourage all graduates to Save the Date!

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