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Who do Teachers Look up to? Who are Their Heroes?

By Sandy Ramos on Jul 30, 2014

teachers-hero-sonInspiration often comes from those who are closest to our hearts. Recent alumnus and long-time single mother Sandy Ramos has experienced this firsthand. Her dreams of becoming a teacher have finally come true, and she couldn't have done it without the support from a personal hero - her son. Brandman is thrilled to share her story as a shining example how the love we have for our children can help us create the future we envision.

I have been a single mom for years. I wrote about my son in my last paper to end all papers! There were nights when he woke up in the middle of the night and would find me doing my homework and ask why I had to stay up so late. I told him that when you go to college and get a career you can buy the things you need and sometimes the things you want. He is a very special blessing in my life and our communication is like nothing I have ever had with anyone.

I recently started teaching an elementary class at a private school which has allowed me to to afford to pay my student loans and still put money towards buying a house. I had two choices, as does everyone in this life: either stay where you are and allow your children to struggle when they become adults because you can barely help yourself, OR break the chain that is holding the future generations down and tell yourself it will only hurt for a little while but later it will feel like breathing air for the first time when you say, "Okay son or daughter, let's get your books for school and begin this journey to success."

I am so proud to say that I am now a teacher, however nothing in this world feels better than my son telling me that he got to tell all his friends and teachers that now that I am in this new position, we are going to be able to take vacations and get a house with a pool. I am near tears writing this because I never imagined I would be here in this position writing to inspire someone somewhere. The following is what I wrote about my son in my final paper:

I would like to think that as much as I have tried, my son is great because of me, however I am starting to believe I gave birth to this amazing creature who has taught me more about life than I could have ever learned without him. As young as he is, he is such a free spirit and he inspires me more than anyone else has come close to doing.

My son is a true free spirited child who just wants everyone to love each other and be kind and dance like no one's looking, including dressing for the mood and the time of day, which means about at least 2 to 3 wardrobe changes a day. I can say that he is my hero because he makes me strive for better, than who I am and who I was yesterday and heroes save people, which is what I believe he did for me.

The actual definition of a hero according to Google is, "a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities," and I would have to say that for his age, he is truly courageous and is not afraid to be himself. It has taken years and years for me to come out of my shell, speak my mind, and be who I am.

I watch my son in amazement as he glides through crowds making friends and talking to people as if everyone was a friend. His ability to move around people in a room and speak to anyone about any subject as if all people are good and trusting is so inspiring. My son only speaks to strangers when I am around or he is with a family member, and I believe it is because he feels safe to do so.

He has moments when he just smiles and says nothing and people seem to read his smile like text on paper. Then there are times when he reminds me he is just a ten-year-old boy who needs his mom to cuddle with him and ask questions about the things he wonders about in life. Of course, on these occasions I am usually prepared with the Google search tab ready on my phone's screen to answer his questions.

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