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One time after a 30 minute meeting I was asked how many times I said “you know.” Apparently I used the phrase “you know” as space filler too many times during the meeting. After that meeting I became acutely aware of the phrase. I listened to myself. I listened to my coworkers, family, and friends. I asked my friends and family if I say “you know” too much. I recorded a few of my phone conversations. I put up a sticky note on my desk with the phrase “Do not say you know.” Although I didn’t find that I used it too frequently, once it was brought to my attention I made sure that I did not use it again.

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To-Do Lists-Organizing Your Work Day or Work Week

At the end of the work day I take the last 30 minutes to review my to-do list and create one for tomorrow. I ask myself, what did I accomplish today? Did anything change today to affect tomorrow’s priorities? I go back through emails I had flagged throughout the day and review my notes from meetings I attended. What do I need to do to prepare for tomorrow? What do I list at the top? My to-do list along with my email calendar helps me stay focused and on track at work.

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Autumn McClenaghan

As the Director of Career Planning and Development at Brandman University, I work with students to help them reach their career goals. I invite you to subscribe and revisit the Brandman Blog to find information and stories about professional development topics such as resume building, job interviews, career planning, social media and more!