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Thinking about changing careers?

By Autumn McClenaghan on Apr 7, 2013

My friend Nicole has been thinking about changing careers to become a nutritionist, and we’ve been talking about it at least once a week for the past few months. In addition to my conversations with her, I’ve also come across the topic of changing careers on group discussion boards and during conversations with my network connections on LinkedIn. It seems like a lot of people are looking for a change these days.

Changing careers is a big decision with many factors to consider like finances, education, experience, job market, and identifying why you want to change careers. Would you need to go back to school to change careers? Would you have to start at an entry level position? Do you have your financial and family support to make the change? In Nicole’s case, her criminal justice degree and experience wouldn’t fit the requirements to become a nutritionist, so she would have to go back to school.

I have come across a few articles on the changing careers topic and one by Chrissy Scivique outlines 15 important questions to ask first before jumping into a career change. Be honest with yourself when answering so you have all the information to determine if a career change is the best bet for you at this time. I’ve included links to others below.

But back to Nicole. In the time we’ve been talking about her switch, she has really put some thought into why she isn’t happy in her current field and what she loves about nutrition. She has researched degree programs, met with the program coordinator at a nearby university, conducted informational interviews with nutritionist, and expanded her personal library on the topic. Ultimately, she decided the risk is worth it, and she’s starting the application process to begin school this fall.

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