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Is Your Next Step Graduate School?

By Autumn McClenaghan on May 20, 2013

I had the honor to assist with Brandman University northern and southern commencements the past two weekends. It was an exciting time to celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of Brandman graduates. I got asked all sorts of questions during the ceremony preparation, “Which way does my tassel go?”, “Is this on straight?” and “Where do I go?”. That last question was referring to lining up for the ceremony processional for most, but it was a question some have been asking themselves about life.

Now that you have earned your degree, where do you go? What’s next? The answer may be right back to school. Depending on your career goals, an advanced degree may be required. Check some of the great resources below for information, tips, resources, cost, and reasons to consider if continuing on to graduate school is the right move for you.

A Guide for Potential Grad Students: Should you go to Graduate School?

10 Steps for Thinking About Graduate School

Congratulations to the 2013 graduates!

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Author Autumn McClenaghan of Brandman University

Autumn McClenaghan

As the Director of Career Planning and Development at Brandman University, I work with students to help them reach their career goals. I invite you to subscribe and revisit the Brandman Blog to find information and stories about professional development topics such as resume building, job interviews, career planning, social media and more!