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Social Work Students Learn LinkedIn

By Emylie Ellis on Mar 12, 2014

LinkedInLinkedIn is the world's largest professional social network with more than 277 million members in over 200 countries and territories. Over 30 million students and recent college graduates have recognized this and are now leveraging the power of this amazing platform, Brandman University Social Work students included.

The Social Work Student Association (SWSA) hosted a LinkedIn and resume training workshop on Tuesday, February 25 to provide solutions to student's primary concerns of transitioning from the Bachelor of Arts in Social Work (BASW) program into the workforce.

Last month, the SWSA surveyed its members, asking what questions they hoped would be answered during the presentation. The top results were:

  • How do I put social worker on my resume to get my career started?
  • How do you make yourself stand out?
  • Where do I look for jobs?
  • What should I highlight on my resume?

We were very fortunate to have Christie McGuire, BSW, Sourcing Specialist and Employment Brand Lead for World Vision International - one of the top 100 international NGOs - coaching our students. Being a virtual headhunter and Certified LinkedIn Recruiter, McGuire spends a lot of time searching through databases like LinkedIn for quality talent to bring to her organization. Many students in the BASW program were either unfamiliar with LinkedIn or unsure of how it could help them meet their career objectives. The presentation was designed to teach students how to set themselves apart by engaging in social media and how to develop a professional network.

With over 94% of recruiters using social media, particularly LinkedIn, to find top candidates, the SWSA feels it's important that Brandman students learn how to develop a personal brand and leverage their network to find jobs after graduation. McGuire went through each component of a LinkedIn profile, provided excellent examples, and identified best practices. Students in attendance were encouraged to begin the process of creating a profile and building a network.

Linked In Stats

  • More than 2.6 million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages
  • 50% of Fortune 100 companies hire through LinkedIn
  • 94% of recruiters use the network to examine potential candidates
  • 44.5% of people say LinkedIn increased their face-to-face networking effectiveness
  • 7610 searches and 200 conversations occur on LinkedIn every minute
  • There are 2.1 million LinkedIn groups

Social Work Networking Opportunities

Joining a LinkedIn group is a great way to keep in touch with current events and discuss common interests. Perform a quick search to find some of the top results for Social Work networks. Top hits include Social Work Network, Social Work Jobs (Subgroup), Positive Social Work Professionals and Social Work & Human Services (Community, Empowerment & Education).

The BASW program is new to several California campuses, and as of Fall 2013 it is available fully online. The SWSA, founded in December that same year, was designed to promote and enhance the academic and social interests of students, provide opportunities for leadership, and to support student and community interest in the BASW program. In addition, the SWSA aims to prepare students for generalist social work practice and graduate study. The organization started with twenty students and has continued to grow. The organization is excited to celebrate Social Work Month this March and participating in CA Legislative Lobby Days in Sacramento this April.

Brandman University students with a minor or major in Social Work are invited to join our organization. Contact us at swsa@mail.brandman.edu.

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