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Thank you!

By Autumn McClenaghan on Feb 25, 2013

Thank you. Those two important words really do go a long way. Be sure to use them frequently when conducting your job search. Follow up with thank you notes to those in your network who help you make a connection. It is also very important to follow up with a thank you note after an interview, both job interviews and informational interview. Be sure to thank your network contacts for any referrals and recommendations.

Your thank you note will show the potential employer or network connection that you are serious in your job pursuit. It will also give you another chance to highlight your skills, help you stand out, and keep your name in front of the potential employer. If you interviewed with multiple people, be sure to send a thank you note to each person. The last interview I had I spoke with 14 people. I went home and wrote out 14 thank you notes. It was a lot of thank yous, my hand was tired, but it was important that I made sure everyone I met with remembered me.

Thank you notes can be handwritten and sent through the mail or sent via email. Assess the company culture. This can help you determine which method would be best. Either way it is important to send your thank you note as soon as possible after the interview, preferably within 24 hours.

A recent article from A Better Interview.com, “Give Thanks: 4 Tips to Send a Better Thank You Note” highlights for important tips to remember when writing your thank you note including sincerity, personalization, the opportunity to share what you forgot in the interview, and again the importance of acting fast. Follow these key tips to help you stand out from others. Check out the article here which also includes sample thank you notes. You can also check out “What to Say Besides Thank You” and “FAQs about Thank You Letters” for more tips and advice. You’re welcome!

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Author Autumn McClenaghan of Brandman University

Autumn McClenaghan

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