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Ultimately, Your Success Story is Our Success Story

By Lindsay Amanda on Jul 31, 2014

In the words of our distinguished dean, Dr. Glenn Worthington, "Ultimately, your success story is our success story at Brandman." We thank our wonderful students and alumni for sharing their tales about those who supported them and inspired them to achieve their degrees.

As an institution who's history is founded upon opening educational opportunities to our military personnel and their families, we are thrilled to highlight an amazing individual who overcame so much to go back to school. Our Office of Disability Services is committed to ensuring equal access for all members of our academic community and is excited to find stories like the following to help motivate others to pursue their education. This is the story of Megan Nalley, a navy wife, mother and dedicated student, in her own words:

Megan-NalleyI always had struggled in school because I am deaf. I left college at age 22 while I was going through a parent's divorce and felt that I wasn't good enough for college because I kept failing all the classes I was taking. I married an amazing sailor at the age of 25 and got pregnant with our first child right after. Soon my husband inspired me to go back to college.

He had so much faith in me. Four months after my daughter was born I went back to school. I was so thankful that my husband helped with cooking and taking care of our daughter while I worked on my studies. He wanted me to do well. When I felt I couldn't do something in college, he pushed me and reminded me that I could. Because of him, I became a honors student and graduated from junior college a year later, then transferred to Brandman University.

My husband is deployed right now. It was very challenging at first but what made me motivated was my daughter. I want her to have a wonderful life and let her know that she can have everything she needs. I want to set a good example and show her that it is important to receive an education, no matter how old you are and tell her that it is okay to fail, just keep doing your best. I tell her that when I fail, I learn something new and how to do better the next time around.

I am so thankful to my husband. He is the biggest reason why I am in college, he made me realize that I am smart, even though I am deaf. I am happy to say that after struggling with college for nearly ten years, I will finally get my bachelor's degree in 2015!

"Never give up, no matter how hard it gets! Support is everything!"

Some of the greatest stories about our lives are told from the ones who love us. Gabriel Bustillos proudly submitted a story to the Brandman Blog sharing his mother's great accomplishments.

Anna-BustillosMy mom, Anna Bustillos, recently went back to school to receive her bachelor's degree in early childhood education. She was part of the first group of students at Brandman to receive this type of degree. My mom knew that from the beginning it would take a lot of work, time and dedication, but she did it anyways.

My mom is a full-time preschool teacher, mother of three boys (ages 9, 11 and 14), and a proud Rampage baseball league parent. She is constantly moving from one place to another, sometimes working to finish up as many as 48 report cards, then going home to cook for her kids, then starting her homework and getting little to no sleep. Not only is she working Monday - Friday, but on the weekends she is cleaning, going to baseball games that are far away, and trying to do her homework somewhere in between.

"My mom is the very definition of hard work!"

Go ahead and look up hard work in the dictionary and her picture will be right underneath. She does her schoolwork when she is supposed to and knows what needs to be done and when it's due. Mrs. Anna Bustillos is living proof that you can do anything you set your mind to. Not only is she a big inspiration to me and my brothers, but she should be an inspiration to everyone else getting to step into the big world.

Deborah Alfaro, graduate of the Class of 2013, shares her thoughts about her experience at Brandman as a true working adult with many commitments. She thanks her supporters for helping her reach the graduation stage to receive her bachelor's degree in psychology and is now continuing on to graduate-level studies by pursuing her master's degree at Brandman.

Debora-AlfaroGoing back to school after 25 years was a difficult endeavor. Working full-time, raising a family, and non-stop school amidst international travel. But my education has been thrilling and enriching.

"All of my professors at Brandman have truly cared about my education and have been so supportive."

Having an executive coach to help me with organization and the transition of beginning school again has also taught me much. I am continuing in Brandman's MFT program and plan to pursue my doctorate. I believe that my children have become better students from watching their mom prepare, study and get excited over good grades. I would not be on this path without a school format that allowed me to work and still live my life while attending school. Thank you, Brandman!

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Author Lindsay Amanda of Brandman University

Lindsay Amanda

As the Marketing Content Manager at Brandman University and graduate of the school's MBA program, Lindsay Amanda is a writer and business professional. She achieved her undergraduate degree in Advertising and Marketing from San Diego State University and studied International Marketing in Barcelona, Spain.

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