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Brandman's Heather Glanz Recognized as Santee School District Teacher of the Year

By Anonymous on Feb 21, 2013

Heather Glanz has been an adjunct Liberal Arts faculty member at Brandman since 2010 and a K-12 teacher in the Santee School District for 17 years. Having earned her Master's in Curriculum and Instruction in 2001, she uses her knowledge and passion for teaching in the classroom every day. Her enthusiasm has been recognized as she was recently named the Santee School District's teacher of the year!

A picture of Heater Glanz, Poway Teacher of the Year

Her nomination for the award says "Ms. Heather Glanz has been teaching in the Santee School District for 17 years. She has been an active member of her school in a number of ways. She has piloted different curriculum, as well as trained other teachers in the newly adopted materials. She has worked on report card committees, and developed various reading comprehension activities for her District's Literature Kits. Heather has also been a staff developer for the last 3 years with K12 Alliance. Five years ago, Heather established the recycling program at her school, which in turn has not only helped to improve the environment, but saved the Districts thousands due to less trash pickups. Each year she has coached a team of 4-6 graders for the San Diego County Elementary Science Field Day. She has also coached the 4th graders each year for Santee's Jr. Olympics. Community involvement is also important to Heather for several reasons. She believes that if students learn how to get involved with their community, they will not only learn the satisfaction of helping others, but that the involvement will have significant implications on a student's character."

Over the years, Heather, along with her students, have raised money to help repair the earthquake damage to Mission San Miguel (a California Mission that her students learn about), she has planted trees around the world with the money raised from recycling cans and bottles at school, planted a Native Species Plant Garden along the San Diego River (with students and a few family members), raised hundreds of dollars for girls and women in Africa to help provide a better life, and recently, collected 100's of pairs of socks for victims of Hurricane Sandy. Heather has a passion not just for teaching, but for truly making a difference in the lives of others.

"What it means to (me) to be a teacher: I became a teacher because I wanted to make a difference," Heather said. "I wanted to be the difference for a student. There is nothing quite like the moment when a student's eyes or face light up, because he/she finally "gets it" and you were the one to help get them to that point. To open a world to students that they had never really known before, that is a very special feeling. I believe that as teachers, teaching goes beyond the classroom. As teachers, we really do touch the future, but in more ways than we may realize. This is why I believe it is important to get kids involved (no matter how young) with the outside world, by helping others. I believe that we are all responsible for the well-being of our communities, both near and far. As a teacher, we can teach kids how to do that, how to be it. Together, we can share the joy of what it means to help others, and learn the value of helping others. After all, why not try to make the world a little bit better of a place while we are here?"

Join us in congratulating Ms. Glanz's outstanding work and true commitment to teaching excellence.

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