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Top Ten Technology Tools For Educators

By Vicki Brannock on Jul 9, 2014

top-tech-school-websiteIt may be summer vacation but educators are always looking for ways to enhance the student experience. There are so many sites competing for your attention it is hard to sift through them all. We have put together a list of some of the best websites and apps for teachers today. This is not exhaustive by any means but it certainly gets you started.

Organizing and Sharing Information

Google for Education

Run by the most powerful search engine in the world, the Google for Education website provides amazing apps and software for free. You can organize, share documents in real time, keep your calendar up to date, and because it is cloud based it can be used across multiple platforms and devices. In addition there are plenty of free training opportunities to enhance your professional skills.


The company goal of Evernote is to help the world remember everything, communicate effectively and get things done. It has been around for a while and is a great way to save information you come across on the web, upload handwritten notes and save all of your stuff in one spot. Its tag feature allows you to share and easily sort information. In addition to utilizing this for your classroom it is a great way to sort through content that you would like to save for later.

PaperPort Notes

Designed for the mobile iPad user, PaperPort Notes is a tool that allows you to organize and save documents, web content, typed text, and audio into a single document. This is great for the busy educator who would like to provide audio answers to questions and comments and attach them to documents.

Engagement Tools


This online site (not app) provides a secure location for students aged 6-13 to engage socially with teachers and peers about reading. Through BiblioNasium teachers can create reading lists, hold challenges and track students’ progress. The gamification approach provides extra incentive and fun!


EduClipper allows students to create their own content, and use online resources and put it all together to feature projects all in a secure environment that educators can monitor. It fosters confidence and serves as an early portfolio tool for kids to feature their best work.


As an interactive app, WhatWasThere tells users the history of the spot where they are standing. It also ties historical photos to Google maps. Great tool for students and educators and amazing time machine to experience field trips from a different view.


If you are planning on attending a seminar or conference this app will help you connect with other attendees. Using LinkedIn and GPS trendr can help you identify and set meetings with colleagues or other professionals in education.

Social Media


This visual network can help serve as an outlet for creating digital inspiration boards. It is the perfect go-to site for educators looking for lesson plans, classroom aides, and all around good ideas. It is also a great place to post additional information, homework assignments and aides for parents. This site can bridge home, community, and school connections.


Instagram is a wildly popular photo sharing site that educators can use to enhance the student experience. Students can upload and photos and use hashtags for notes. They can then use a site like Storify to pull it all together.


Teachers love to tell stories and encourage students to develop their minds and imaginations through reading, which is why Storify is so helpful. It is a curation site that allows you to put multiple pieces of information from social networks into a coherent story.

Using these tools during the summer break may just give you a head start on preparing for content rich, interactive student engagement in the fall.


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Author Vicki Brannock of Brandman University

Vicki Brannock

As the Senior Director of Programs for Brandman University School of Extended Education, Vicki Brannock has over 10 years of experience in higher education. In addition she is a consultant and strategist and has successfully developed and implemented strategic planning, branding and social media campaigns for universities, businesses and nonprofit organizations.