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Employment Prospects are Strong for Teachers

By Anonymous on Jan 9, 2014

A picture of Jan Barzottini-Serpanhy

 Although she excelled in art in high school, she did not consider herself a strong student. Nevertheless, taking a leap of faith, she enrolled at Brandman University and earned a California State teaching credential. Her greatest fear, she said, was whether she would get a job. Yet, upon graduation, she had two interviews to teach high school art classes and received job offers from both. She accepted a full time position at Pinole Valley High School and is delighted in her new role.

“I relate to my students. I was one of them, and I share my story. I tell them, ‘You can change anything.’ I was never a good student but my love for art got me through. Eventually, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture and built a successful corporate and residential design company called, A Matter of Color.”

She said her Brandman experience was very positive and helped her land an internship and a job. “I chose Brandman for the convenient schedule. I was working and had two kids who were 9 and 13 at the time. Cal State just didn’t offer that kind of flexibility. And it is a good, supportive place. One thing leads to another. A classmate of mine was instrumental in helping me land my internship which lead to a great letter of reference that got me hired. ” Jan also credits her Brandman instructors for helping her prepare and pass the State exams.

Joyce Dellamore, Clinical Coordinator at Brandman’s Walnut Creek Campus, helps teaching credential graduates find employment in Northern California. She is optimistic about choosing teaching as a career. “The tables are turning,” Joyce said, “many teachers are retiring and the job market is getting stronger.” Joyce said. “Right now, the majority of our new graduates are finding employment in the first year.”

“You Can Change Anything”

- Jan Barzottini-Serpanhy

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