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How Coaching Creates Sustainable Success

By Micah Stover on Jul 1, 2014

executive-coachingThroughout the Brandman Blog you'll find articles that explore many different topics that apply to our everyday lives. From work-life balance, and burnout to stress management tactics, we understand that being a student is hard enough, but incorporating school into an already full life adds a layer of complexity. At the heart of all of these articles is the desire to achieve success without sacrificing health or quality of life. It requires a sustainable approach to success.

Supporting Sustainable Success

The topic keeps surfacing because it's increasingly difficult to find, and maintain, the right balance. The same technology that gives us greater flexibility and access to education from anywhere permeates our lives. It's difficult to give full attention to the many roles we assume in our busy schedules.

Brandman believes you'll gain more from your education when you fire on all cylinders and can enjoy other areas of life - these are the things that make your hard work worthwhile, after all - and they've made some intentional investments to support your sustainability as a student. For example, the Executive Coaching program for incoming students resembles what top executives and organizations use to sustainably maximize their effectiveness, build leadership potential, and promote continuous improvement. It's a form of professional development that Brandman believes is not only valuable for student success, but is also a way to prepare them to compete in today's workplace.

Students appreciate that it's tailored to their individual needs and preferences, and understand that whatever is important to the student is what's important to the coach. Having someone dedicated exclusively to their goals and priorities is a rare luxury. Veronica and Monica, both current students at Brandman University recognize this and thank their executive coaches for the service they provide:

"I have a busy life - I work full-time for a state senator, am a mom, and am active in my community. Thanks to Executive Coaching, I've been able to make my education a top priority and am achieving my dream of earning my master's degree." - Veronica

"The coaching Sophia provided was very helpful. At times I was overwhelmed and she was there to provide any tools necessary to see me succeed. I am a mother of three returning to school after nine years off. I was scared I would not be able to manage my time and complete the assignments. The coaching Brandman provides showed me techniques to help balance school and home life. Thank you!" - Monica

For many students, the most productive part of their work week is the 20 minutes of focused planning and strategizing with their coach. Because coaches talk to so many other students who are experiencing the same challenges, they are able to offer timely insights and reminders as they transition into school while providing reassurance and perspective during those inevitable rough spots.

The Benefits of Coaching

Initially, some students wonder, "If everything's going OK, why do I need a coach?" This is a great question! The CEOs who use coaching methods are doing "OK" too. You might say they're among some of the most successful and productive people on the planet.

Successful people know that "success" is more than just "not failing." What students and executives alike value most about coaching is the clearly defined, facilitated space to plan, strategize and prioritize with a highly-skilled, neutral and trustworthy thought partner. Collaborating with a coach means always having someone listen during that frustrating situation, brainstorm ways to approach a difficult conversation, anticipate potential obstacles and talk through contingency plans so you're never caught off guard.

This relationship helps encourage you to take a moment to step back and reflect on your progress towards your goals or tap into the driving force that motivates you. Here's what some of Brandman's students have to say about their experience with coaching:

Hi Sofia -
If you still have time available next Friday, 4/18 I would like to go ahead and schedule a call with you. I thought about how valuable our discussions have been and I'd like to make sure I don't miss an opportunity to speak with you. As far as I know I'm available anytime that day. Please let me know your availability. Thank you for all of the support and guidance you've given me so far.

- Angelynn


Thank you Brenda for the time you have taken to make sure I was able to get through the first and second term here at Brandman. I did not know what an academic coach was when I first started, but I'm very thankful now. You helped me to find solutions to problems and questions I had during these couple terms. Also, most importantly you helped me learn how to set goals that can be easily accomplished. I always looked at the classes as a whole and how much work there was to do, but you helped me to look at what needed to be done first and set goals to make sure they got completed. It was very nice to just have someone to vent to when the work was stressful. You always helped me find the positive in whatever I was stressing about, so I wanted to say thank you again. I am sure I will speak with you in the future, because I have quite some time to complete here at Brandman.

Thank you,

Talese Sanchez


Hi Crystal!!

I sincerely appreciate all that you are doing and have done for me. It is so nice to have someone in my corner rooting me on from afar! How is Monday, April 10th at 10am?

Take Care,


As you continue progress on your degree, we want you to know how committed we are to your success. Sustainability to us means we see you as a whole person and coaching is designed to help you keep rising to the challenge for a lifetime of success in all you choose to do.

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Author Micah Stover of Brandman University

Micah Stover

With over 15 years working in Higher Education both overseas and in the US, Micah Stover works on our Executive Coaching team at Brandman University. She has coached thousands of students in various degree programs, supporting them in their path towards graduation and also in navigating how the degree will support their ongoing personal and professional development.