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One Stop Specialist Brad Bourdon Talks Financial Aid

By Anonymous on Feb 18, 2014

Brandman One Stop Specialist Brad Bourdon sat down with us to talk over four big financial aid questions. Financial aid can often be a point of confusion for many students and is an important part of attaining one's educational goals. In this video Brad walks through the financial aid process and what students should expect during the processing and disbursement of aid.



The first of the four questions posed to Brad was "Am I eligible to receive financial aid?" This will depend on a student to student basis but more often then not most students are eligible to receive aid. That is an important question to ask when you start looking into classes at Brandman. Don't be surprised when your One Stop Specialist refers you to the FAFSA website.

Next up we asked Brad "What is a FAFSA?" A FAFSA or Federal Application for Federal Student Aid is by far the most important part of your individual aid process. Filling out a FAFSA is the first step to determining your aid eligibility. One of the best ways get started with your FAFSA is to do it at the same time that you do your taxes. You'll already have many of the required information out so the process will be easy! You can find the FAFSA at http://fafsa.ed.gov

The third question was "What types of student aid are available?" The most common types of aid are Pell grants, federal subsidized loans, and federal unsubsidized loans. The award you are eligible for varies depending on many factors. There are also some private scholarships that may be available to you as a student. Check with your One Stop Specialist to make sure you are taking advantage of all resources available to you.

And we finish our time with Brad by asking him "How and when do students receive their financial aid?" After filing a FAFSA Brandman will receive your information from the federal government, confirm your eligibility, and then package your aid. This will be compiled and presented to you, highlighting your award amount per trimester. Once you have accepted your aid it will be disbursed within 14 days of the start of the trimester. Disbursed aid will show as a negative amount on your student account. Once your account shows a negative balance your aid will be distributed to within 14 days, either as a check or as a direct deposit.

Current students can get in touch with their One Stop Specialist by finding the appropriate contact information here: http://www.brandman.edu/current-students/resources/one-stop.

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