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Online Tutoring Supports Student Success

By Margaret Moodian on Jul 2, 2014

online-writing-communityAs the lead professional tutor for Brandman's Online Writing Community (OWC), I frequently interface with many of our wonderful adult learners. Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting one stellar student, Robert Smith, in one of our online workshops. I've learned a lot about Robert and recently interviewed him to share his experience with the OWC and the support that it has provided him throughout his academic career.

Robert grew up in Columbus, Ohio, and is the oldest of three siblings. He first attended a university about 30 years ago, but stated that it did not work out well, so he joined the United States Navy under the Advanced Technical Field program. From there, 22 years later, he retired from the position of Senior Chief Electronic Technician in the United States Navy. Then he worked at Johnson Controlsa global diversified technology and industrial leader serving customers in more than 150 countries, for eight years as a service operations analyst. It was during that time that he decided that he would like to use his post 9/11 money to continue his college education in a more positive environment.

I'm proud to have the opportunity to tell his story with other Brandman community members. Here is what he had to say:

What brought you to Brandman University?
A friend of mine told me about Brandman University. After going to an open house and meeting people and professors, I decided it was a fit for me. One of the academic counselors sold me on organizational leadership and the rest is history.

What do you plan to do after graduation?
After having been at Johnson Controls, I've had enough of that rat race. Between that experience and the Navy, I want something in between. I want to stay in management, but not for a Fortune 100 or Fortune 500 company. Maybe a small startup would be good.

What brought you to the OWC?
I had a class and one of my professors said she was thinking of failing me because of plagiarism. But, she looked at my past work and realized this wasn't like me to plagiarize since I know how to properly cite things and reference things. It was just organization. I had a bunch of stuff on my laptop and I had turned in the wrong copy. She gave me a chance to redeem myself and told me about the OWC.

One tool from the OWC that was great was the Visual Model for Academic Writing. One thing I read stated that 90 percent of your writing should be paraphrased or summarized and this really helped me. Now I feel like I can do anything.

What would you tell others about the community?
Why do something yourself when there is a group of experts out there that can help you with your writing? It's fine to have a family member or friend to read it over, but if you want an unbiased, expert opinion, then I highly recommend the OWC.

My wife might read it and tell me it's good because she loves me. The tutors in the OWC are straight shooters and they will give you what you need to get a good grade. The OWC is a great way to get help for free!

Supporting Our Students

At the Online Writing Community, we are pleased to be able to assist students like Robert. We are dedicated to helping Brandman students develop their personal writing skills through high quality one-on-one tutoring. We encourage our current students to take advantage of our support services such as online workshops that are held weekly. We serve many military service members that are attending school to achieve their personal and professional goals and look forward to welcoming new students into the community.

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Author Margaret Moodian of Brandman University

Margaret Moodian

As the Lead Professional Tutor at Brandman University, Dr. Margaret Moodian helps students develop their personal skills through the Online Writing Community. She is a contributing author for many international books and serves as a faculty member for Chapman University.