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Online Writing Community Helps Military Student Thrive

By Margaret Moodian on Apr 15, 2014

Louis-EspinalOnline and blended academic programs provide students flexible options to fit course work into their busy schedules. At Brandman University our faculty and staff understand that when scholars need guidance their support services must be timely and offer many avenues for communication, which is why we created the Online Writing Community (OWC). As the Lead Professional Tutor for the service, I am proud to highlight an excellent writer and student who I have worked with over the past few sessions, Louis Espinal, and his experience with the OWC.

Tell us about yourself

Originally from New York City, I left the state in 1979 to join the military. I spent 33 great years in the Marine Corps, where i was privileged to see the world and meet many people from diverse communities. The experience taught me a lot about humility and gave me a better appreciation for life, especially after serving three combat tours in Iraq and contributing to the relief efforts of Haiti during the devastating earthquake. It was amazing to be a part of an international community that came together to benefit the Haitian people for such a valuable cause.

My wife and I love to travel and are very blessed to have three wonderful daughters and two beautiful granddaughters. All of my children share an appreciation for education, with two who have already graduated from college and one who is pursuing her degree currently.

What degree are you pursuing at Brandman?

I am a full-time student in the Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership program here at Brandman. I first heard about the school from a good friend of mine who is attending classes for his second master's degree and I could not be happier about my decision to apply. Since I began classes, I have found that the professors and tutors truly care about each student's development and are motivated by their success.

My decision to go back to school was not fueled by career gain but rather by dedication to achieve my personal goals. The academic program I selected perfectly aligns with my extensive history of serving in the military where we learn leadership principles from the ground up through direct application, trial and error. Studying the material further allows me to strengthen my perspective and become a better leader in my community.

What do you plan to do after graduation?

Once I complete my bachelor's program, I plan on continuing my education by achieving a master's degree and then transitioning into the nonprofit sector to contribute to the betterment of mankind. The inspiration I gained from helping the people of Haiti has moved me to ultimately aspire to lead an organization that gives back to others. During my time there I often saw as many as eight or ten people living in a very small area, and each one of them was thankful for their life. I cannot help wanting to share this same sentiment with others in need.

From an international standpoint I have thought about a few career options that could offer similar fulfillment. One pathway may be to work for the United Nations and travel to support people in different countries diplomatically, or another may be to work directly with a nonprofit that provides humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to dyer regions. On the home front I would love to work for an organization that helps our nation's youth find the direction they need to be great leaders in their communities. No matter where my future takes me, I am excited to apply my education to helping others thrive and be well.

What brought you to the Online Writing Community?

I was actually referred to the OWC by a friend who just completed his graduate degree at Brandman. He advised me that it is always important to have someone else take a look at each paper and provide feedback for areas of improvement. And hey, it's free - so at that point I could not turn down the opportunity.

What would you tell others about it?

The OWC is wonderful! All of the faculty and staff members are there for you whenever you need assistance and at the end of the day all of their efforts help you improve your personal writing abilities. No matter what field you are in, whether you are a doctor or a seasoned writer, the benefit of having that second pair of eyes on your work is invaluable.

I really appreciate the one-on-one support that Dr. Moodian gave me. It takes a lot of skill and patience to provide high quality recommendations to students. By having the same person review your work consistently, you are able to develop a rapport that allows the tutor to understand your personal writing style. Overall I have had a fantastic experience and recommend other students take advantage of the OWC as a learning resource.

About the Online Writing Community

The Online Writing Community is a free service available to Brandman University students intended to help them develop their personal writing abilities through high-quality online tutoring. Although primarily for undergraduate students, the OWC also provides resources for graduate students and faculty members through its online portal. Our professional tutors can assist with any stage of the writing process including starting, researching, drafting, revising and polishing academic papers. Benefits and services include:

  • Submit a paper - get feedback within 72 hours via email
  • Live, online tutoring - make an appointment for tutoring at home or in the office
  • Office hours - drop in our virtual classroom to ask a question or work with a tutor on a paper
  • Submit a quick question - email us your inquiry and get a reply within 24 hours
  • Writing workshops - attend live online workshops available every week of the term
  • Resources and links - find some of the best writing help on the web

The Online Writing Community is accessible to all current Brandman University students, faculty and staff through the My Brandman portal.


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Author Margaret Moodian of Brandman University

Margaret Moodian

As the Lead Professional Tutor at Brandman University, Dr. Margaret Moodian helps students develop their personal skills through the Online Writing Community. She is a contributing author for many international books and serves as a faculty member for Chapman University.