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Sweet Alumni Success Story

By Anonymous on Mar 28, 2013

Twanisha Robinson-Wilson is as passionate about Brandman as she is about the grand opening of her bakery, Sweet Tee’s Heavenly Cupcakes in Menifee, Calif. “I just love Brandman because of the wonderful experience I had there and where it led me.”

Sweet Tee’s is a dream Twanisha credits to the advice she got from her Brandman professor while pursuing her MA in Organizational Leadership which she received in 2011. “One thing kept sticking in my head that I heard over and over was ‘to follow your passion,” she says. That’s exactly what Twanisha is doing and she couldn’t be happier.

Twanisha enrolled at Brandman after years of minimum wage jobs to pursue a BA in Liberal Studies at the Moreno Valley Campus which recently relocated to Riverside, Calif. “I was originally going for a degree in education,” she recalls. “During that time, I worked as an instructional aide with Riverside County.”

Completing her BA in 2009, Twanisha accepted a position as an enrollment counselor at St. Leo University in Orange County. “As soon as I graduated, my salary level shot up at least five times because of my Brandman degree,” Twanisha remembers.

Five months after entering the workforce she went back to Brandman to begin her MA program in Organizational Leadership. While attending Brandman, Twanisha applied for the director of outreach and recruitment position at the University of La Verne.

She had always loved baking and decided to start a part-time desert catering business. She quickly garnered some A-list clients including; Mercedes Benz and Kaiser Permanente Medical Center. Los Angeles television station KTLA did a news segment on her business.

Though Twanisha loved her job at La Verne, she kept returning to her Brandman Professor’s advice. “I decided to quit my job and open Sweet Tee’s. Many people just don’t follow their passion. They just work at a job. I decided to take the leap and open my bakery. I loved what I learned at Brandman and I am using it now in my business.”

In addition to cupcakes, Sweet Tee’s will be doing children’s parties, cupcake parties and holding classes in “anything that has to do with the confection world.” It’s easy to see that Twanisha’s Brandman education taught her to think out-of-the-box about a career that she would love. Sweet Tee’s is the first bakery to set up shop in Menifee. Twanisha doesn’t plan on stopping there. “I would like to open Sweet Tee’s Cupcakes nationwide. Possibly doing this by franchising,” explains Twanisha.

Brandman Alumnus Twanisha showing off baked goodsNot only did Twanisha juggle school, a full-time job and two young children, her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor while she was going for her BA. “I decided I had to quit for the time being.” Twanisha ended up continuing at Brandman thanks to her professors who were very supportive working with her to complete her degree during this difficult time. “I still receive e-mails asking how my husband is doing.” Twanisha’s husband is doing well and will be helping her when he can since he holds a full-time job.

How highly valued a Brandman education is to perspective employers became evident to Twanisha while applying at La Verne. “The vice president of marketing told me after I was hired that he had large stack of resumes to choose from and decided whom he would interview based on the schools they attended.” Twanisha has three different job offers from La Verne.

Challenges are what motivate Twanisha to excel first at Brandman and now with her own business.

Sweet Tee's Heavenly Cupcakes it located at 28089 Bradley Road Menifee, CA 92586, or you can find them online at:




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