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With all of the commitments that we have in our day-to-day schedules it is often easy to become stressed out. Of course no one likes to be hit with the anxiety and pressure that ensues, but what many people don’t realize is just how important stress management can be to living a long and healthy life.

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Cracking the Myths of Work Life Balance

The concept of balancing work and life has often been described as a myth itself, when in fact it has the potential to be the truth that will set you free. A few years ago when Entourage was all the rage, and pulled us into the life of talent agent Ari Gold in Hollywood we learned a valuable lesson – work can take over your life. I’m sure many of us didn’t need the entertainment industry to tell us that though, we understand that truth just fine.

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Top Tool to Build Connections with Reputable Companies Nationwide

Job seekers and employers alike understand the value of attaining a higher education, which is why graduation season is the perfect time of year to focus on tool to building connections that count. Whether your next steps as a new alumnus is to continue on to graduate school or to pursue a new job opportunity, networking is an important part of every journey.

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6 Must-Do LinkedIn Tips For New Grads

Graduation season is one of the happiest times in our lives. It is a time to applaud hard work and celebrate the journey that has brought us to where we are today. From professional development certificates to master’s degrees and everything in between, the diplomas we earn mark huge milestones and open doors to new adventures.

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Top Continuing Education Programs For Professional Development

By Lindsay Amanda on May 9, 2014

Many organizations that practice corporate wellness strategies encourage their employees to pursue certificate courses, workshops or seminars with the goal of fostering individual and overall success. This past week we’ve kicked off graduation season by highlighting the top career paths in a variety of fields including business, psychology and liberal arts, nursing and education.

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Top Career Paths for Graduates of Nursing Programs

By Lindsay Amanda on May 7, 2014

The world of health care would not be able to survive without the critical contributions of hard working nurses. Their purpose is to provide quality care to those in need by promoting health, preventing disease and helping patients cope with illness. As educators of future leaders in the field, we celebrate new graduates of nursing programs by highlighting the top career paths for their futures.

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The Importance of Participating in Corporate Wellness Programs

By Lindsay Amanda on Apr 29, 2014

As employees we tend to focus on the goals designated to our department and can lose touch of the importance of applying systems thinking tactics to improve our organizations overall. Every company should have a corporate wellness program that contributes to the betterment of the employees.

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Quick Health Assessment To Help You Find Your Focus

By Lindsay Amanda on Apr 23, 2014

Maintaining healthy lifestyles often require us to leverage our personal strengths and interests. Depending on the source, there are between six to ten different categories of wellness. This short health assessment will help you find your focus and identify areas that may enhance your overall welfare.

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5 Simple Tips to Reduce Stress at Work

By Autumn McClenaghan on Apr 16, 2014

Is work stressing you out? Between the meetings, appointments, deadlines and that flashing red light on your phone - on top of your never ending to do list - it can all be overwhelming. April is National Stress Awareness Month, which means its the perfect time to get started managing and eliminating that extra anxiety at work.

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10 Facts About Competency Based Education

By Lindsay Amanda on Mar 27, 2014

Competency based education (CBE) is rising to the top headlines in both nontraditional and traditional higher education news. But what are the core benefits of this innovative new approach to learning? Here are 10 important facts about CBE and what it means for the future of academia.

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