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The decision to pursue a higher education is one that will likely change your life, which of course means it involves evaluating many different factors. Will your investment of time and funds provide a considerable return? What is your motivation to do so and what are your goals? Here are five simple questions to help you answer that daunting question: “Should I go back to school?”

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Top Financial Aid Tips and Tricks

For many states including California, the timeline for filing for financial aid is getting down to the wire. For those who are late to the party here are some financial aid tips and tricks to filing a FAFSA for the 2014-2015 year.

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Top 5 Financial Aid Questions

Achieving a higher education degree requires significant investments of both time and money. It is easy for new students to become overwhelmed when researching their options for financial aid and other resources for success. There are numerous sources of information available to help guide students through the process. Brandman University offers a virtual guide to help its students navigate through their financing options. It is important to be aware of specific deadlines for filing for aid based on federal and individual university schedules. Explore the top 5 questions that students ask when beginning their road to graduation.

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