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Practicing mental health strategies is not just for psychology students, but can be beneficial for all lifelong learners. A regular exercise regimen will reduce your stress, lift your mood, improve your self-esteem and help you get a restful night’s sleep. Try some of these fun activities to help boost your brain power.

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Quick Health Assessment To Help You Find Your Focus

Maintaining healthy lifestyles often require us to leverage our personal strengths and interests. Depending on the source, there are between six to ten different categories of wellness. This short health assessment will help you find your focus and identify areas that may enhance your overall welfare.

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Our Favorite Gadgets to Track Your Health and Wellness

Students, professionals and full-time parents alike have realized the importance of managing personal health and wellness as a way to increase productivity and lower stress. It’s been proven true that eating poorly will stress your system, and lacking sleep will strain your body of its much needed rejuvenation time.

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5 Simple Tips to Reduce Stress at Work

Is work stressing you out? Between the meetings, appointments, deadlines and that flashing red light on your phone - on top of your never ending to do list - it can all be overwhelming. April is National Stress Awareness Month, which means its the perfect time to get started managing and eliminating that extra anxiety at work.

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Healthy Snacks for College Students On The Go

By Lindsay Amanda on Apr 10, 2014

We understand that as a college student, you are constantly on the go, especially if you have full-time commitments in addition to homework and class. With only a few minutes between meetings, soccer practice, dinner and commuting it’s important to have healthy snacks throughout the day that are quick and good for you. Here are some of our favorite spring produce and nutrition bar options to help get you through your busy schedule.

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Autism Education and Stories of Success

By Lindsay Amanda on Apr 9, 2014

Throughout the month of April, the Autism community is spreading awareness about this challenging yet inspiring health condition. They call it a “spectrum disorder,” which in many cases can be attributed to not only the severity of the disease, but also to the range of emotions that many go through when caring for an autistic person.

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5 Ways Education Leads to Healthy Living

By Lindsay Amanda on Mar 31, 2014

Teachers, students and parents alike understand the value of receiving a quality educational opportunities. Now experts are finding a correlation between this basic human right and the betterment of our bodies. This month we're celebrating health and wellness in our community by highlighting five ways education benefits our welfare. 

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10 Facts About Competency Based Education

By Lindsay Amanda on Mar 27, 2014

Competency based education (CBE) is rising to the top headlines in both nontraditional and traditional higher education news. But what are the core benefits of this innovative new approach to learning? Here are 10 important facts about CBE and what it means for the future of academia.

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The Evolution of Educational Innovation

By Lindsay Amanda on Mar 20, 2014

Learning is the natural instinct that fuels evolution. We often speak about how our complex societies and economic well being affect education without thinking of the past and what it took to get us where we are. Here we explore the greatest technological breakthroughs in educational innovation and celebrate the successes that took us this far into the future.

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Shaun White & Online Education: 5 Surprising Things They Have in Common

By Lindsay Amanda on Mar 18, 2014

With the 2014 Winter Olympics come and gone, and snow season in full force, it's the perfect time to hit the slopes and e-books. Find out 5 surprising things snowboard legend Shaun White and Online Education have in common.

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