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Registration is underway for the School of Extended Education’s yearlong 2015 NOW Seminars, Symposia and Forums at the Irvine campus. The interactive events are designed to provide information and best practices in leadership, education and technology that can be taken back to the workplace and applied immediately.  The 2015 NOW Event Series will culminate in a keynote event in December 2015, which will be free to attend.

Leadership NOW Seminars will be held bimonthly, beginning with “Building Accountability” on Wednesday, Jan. 28. Each 2 ½-hour Leadership NOW Seminar begins at 6 p.m. and includes a light dinner, instruction, and interactive exercises that allow participants to acquire and practice relevant tools, tips, and techniques. Attendance is worth .25 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and participants can earn a Certificate of Completion by attending four or more seminars.

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Starting the year with a new MBA, a new job and a great outlook

What do you want to do in 2015? That question is still lingering for both dedicated New Year’s resolution makers and even for those who avoid them.

Recent Brandman graduate Diana Shaw has some advice that might help: “Go to school. It’s such a good investment in oneself. It will pay off.”

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Hard work rewarded: More options for Arts & Sciences students

The School of Arts and Sciences at Brandman University launched a variety of new programs in 2014.

"Thanks to the hard work of faculty and staff, the School of Arts & Sciences had a very productive year in 2014, launching new or enhanced programs in criminal justice and liberal studies, as well as the innovative general education curriculum in the pilot competency-based B.B.A. program. Congratulations to the many Arts & Sciences alumni who completed their associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees in 2014!" – Dean Jeremy Korr

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2014 meant more Extended Education courses

Brandman University School of Extended Education continued to grow in value, number of students and number or programs launched in 2014.

“The new 2014 program development and partnerships set the School of Extended Education up to further provide value to our students and community partners during 2015.  Thank you to all of our stakeholders for helping us serve our communities during the past year.”

– School of Extended Education Dean Nancy Salzman

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Accomplishments of faculty and student are highlights of nursing program’s year

By Cindy O'Dell on Dec 27, 2014

The year 2014 was a time of transition and revitalization at the Marybelle and S. Paul Musco School of Nursing and Health Professions (MSNaHP).

We look forward to continued success as our programs grow.  It is an incredible honor to watch expertise faculty interact and teach highly innovative students who want to change the way we practice nursing, using evidence for best patient outcomes.” – Interim Dean Tyke Hanish, Marybelle & S. Paul Musco School of Nursing

Of particular note were faculty members who wrote questions for national exams and served on expert panels:

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Online military student wins scholarship, credits adviser

By Cindy O'Dell on Dec 19, 2014

When Tech. Sgt. James Schols learned he would be getting the 2014 Military Scholarship from Career Step, the first person he knew he had to thank was his wife. The second person was his academic adviser at Brandman University.

“My counselor Carmen (Gonzalez) is awesome,” said Schols, an operations intelligence journeyman in the Oregon Air National Guard. Gonzalez steered Schols to a list of scholarship links on the Brandman website, wrote letters of recommendation and encouraged Schols to pursue his dream of getting a master’s degree from Brandman after he graduates this spring with a bachelor’s in legal studies.

Career Step, an online provider of career-focused education and career training, established its military scholarship as a way to support education on a broader level and further give back to the military community. They’ll provide $2,000 toward his pursuit of an MBA.

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Santa Rosa College bond measure passes with help from Brandman student

By Cindy O'Dell on Dec 17, 2014

Santa Rosa College IT Director Scott Conrad had a problem.

Money from a 2002 bond measure used to fund computers, software and network infrastructure was gone. A proposal put before the community college’s board of trustees in 2012 never made it past the trustees. But the growing college that serves 26,000 students in five locations needed a way to fund technology and other infrastructure for the nest 20-30 years.

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Doctoral student has global perspective on special education needs

By Cindy O'Dell on Dec 15, 2014

Zhanna Preston can’t help having a global outlook.

Born and raised in Kazakhstan, she has pursued her education in Moscow, Russia, Arizona, the former Chapman University College branch (now Brandman) in San Diego and at Brandman’s Riverside campus. She’ll be making use of that global perspective when she presents a paper this summer in Poland to the International Association of Special Education.

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Doctoral students inspired to help homeless women veterans

By Margo Myers on Dec 12, 2014

On a rainy, blustery day in Seattle, Brandman University doctoral students Jennifer Marzocca, from Whidbey Island, and Karen Bolton, from Bremerton (shown at left, form left) have tables filled with goodie bags, jewelry, makeup and clothing at the Seattle Stand Down Event, designed to offer aid to veterans.

One by one, women veterans, some homeless and others fighting to make ends meet, come by to study the items.

“They’re for you,” said Marzocca. “Please take what you need.”

The women take an item or two, careful to take only what they need so there’s something for others. One woman veteran explains she needs socks and receives a couple of new pairs. Another woman’s face lights up when she spies the makeup.

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Competency-Based Education from a Subject Matter Expert

By Dr. Jalin A. Brooks Johnson on Oct 23, 2014

With the emergence of Competency-Based Education (CBE) in the higher education cosmos, the journey seeking continues. The career professional, retired service member, 'career changer,' overachiever and the like, are looking for ways to expand their knowledge bases and ultimately, earn degrees that acknowledge their skill sets. Discover how they are finding new ways of thinking through and realizing their education.

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Online Communication Etiquette: Are You Leaving the Impression You Intend?

By Nancy Salzman on Oct 15, 2014

This is probably a very acceptable way to make a date with a friend, but is it an appropriate model for all online communication purposes? The answer: Not if you expect to be identified as a professional.

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Extreme Makeover: Online Communication Edition

By Vicki Brannock on Oct 10, 2014

In today’s digital world one in four people spend more time communicating online than in person. Whether it is a discussion, timeline, or circle we are all involved in group communication in some way.

But how effectively are you communicating?

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Survey Says? Top 3 Things Teachers Need To Start The School Year

By Vicki Brannock on Aug 21, 2014

Mid August is still summer but as the month progresses our thoughts begin to turn back to the new school year. Parents and students are shopping for back to school supplies, including computers, books, planners, organizers and clothes. But how do teachers prepare for the first day back?

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How Teachers Use Technology In the Classroom

By Jina Smith on Aug 19, 2014

We all know there is an app or a tool for just about anything you can think of and that certainly applies for the world of education. Time and time again I have wondered if there was an app for a specific dilemma I was experiencing or a tool to simplify a process, and each time I was able to find one that solved my problems and made my life just a tad bit easier.

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Who do Teachers Look up to? Who are Their Heroes?

By Sandy Ramos on Jul 30, 2014

Inspiration often comes from those who are closest to our hearts. Recent alumnus and long-time single mother Sandy Ramos has experienced this firsthand.

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